Wednesday, 11 May 2011

What would Mackay do?!

Longer term readers will know that I'm a Sci-Fi fan, with a particular attachment to the Stargate universe.

I'm still hooked on the now defunct Stargate Atlantis, which stars the great (well OK, very attractive!) Joe Flanigan as Colonel John Sheppard.

Part of the show's interest, for me at least, as with all sci-fi, is its ability to explore themes and moral issues such as self-sacrifice, the art of dying well, and so forth under other guises.  The Colonel, for example, regularly ends up going on suicide runs to save Atlantis/his team mates/Earth, endlessly trying to make up for some past failures and prove his worthiness to be in command. 

And then there's this scientist called Rodney McKay, who in the original series nearly managed to kill off one of the major characters, and as a result was banished to Siberia, but in Atlantis transforms himself into a reliable (if entertainingly neurotically narcissistic) team member who regularly saves the day with brilliance that is almost as great as his ego.

I actually follow the actor, David Hewlett on Twitter, because he is frequently pretty entertaining (and twits regularly, unlike my true hero.  Sigh). 

Witness today's offering:

"Just got listed on twitter by someone under "Spirituality".  At first I was alarmed, but then I thought, "What would McKay do?"

Hmm, like other purveyors of the WWJD fakery, allow the worship of self to begin I suspect.....

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