Friday, 6 May 2011

Not pining for the fjords?...More on Bishop Morris.

Missing me?

Go take a look at my piece on ABC Religion entitled 'Bishop Morris was guilty of false advertising'.  Here is a short extract:

"A Catholic bishop disagrees with the teachings of the Catholic Church. He could keep silent, making his protest to the Pope privately. Instead, he writes a pastoral letter to his parishioners arguing for his private views. Does he have the right to do that?

I for one do not think so."

And of course, don't forget my other bog, Saints Will Arise.

Oh, and for those who, as one person bizarrely claimed to me in an email, somehow think that a bishop dismissed by the Pope remains 'in good standing', I'd suggest a read of this helpful commentary by Phil Lawler of Catholic Culture.  It provides a link to one Dr Ed Peter's excellent canon law backgrounders which explains that on the face of it, a bishop can only be deprived of office if they have been found guilty of an ecclesiastical crime.

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