Sunday, 1 May 2011

No no it's not dead, it's just resting....**

I took down the blog yesterday in the interests of charity (and to spare myself the Monday morning Mullins mockery), but I'm putting it back up temporarily for a day or two in case you want to save anything, such as links, for your personal use.

I imagine many of my three hundred or so regular readers will be glad to see the back of this troublemaking, gossip-mongering, dissent-promoting blog, but for those few who actually read and bothered to comment in a constructive way, I thank you for your past interest and support.


It is cheering all the same to read today of the continuing efforts of our current Pope, even while elevating the man to blessed status, to undo the unfortunate legacy of Blessed John Paul II, today with the dismissal of one of Australia's more blatantly dissenting bishops, appointed by the late Pope, namely Bishop Morris of Toowoomba. 

Pity it didn't happen before that disastrous flood...not that dissent amongst Catholics is the only reason God might want to call this death addicted society to repentance over mind you (not of course that God ever uses natural disasters to do this.  Ever.  Bishops have said so).

Of course, if there is one consistency about bishops and priests behaving badly, it is the refusal to accept that what they have done is actually a serious sin even when given every possible warning and opportunity to do so.  We've seen it overseas.  We saw it last week with Bishop Toohey, who took two years to admit that his reasons for resigning from Wilcannia-Forbes were to do with misbehaviour.  And now Bishop Morris' refusal to accept the judgment of the Church and offer his obedience.

Needless to say, there is much nashing of teeth going on amongst assorted acatholic forces, egged on, one gathers by, amongst others, Fr Frank Brennan SJ.  I particularly enjoyed this quote from his letter on the subject:

"His episcopal ordination was a wonderful occasion, even though after it when I praised the liturgy, one of the visiting bishops said, "Actually I prefer the Roman rite.""

That was back in 1993....

And yes, my inability to resist the temptation to say something is why this blog will be coming down very soon indeed!

**I've been soundly berated by Mulier Fortis for removing the blog from the web and creating problems with links; fair enough, so I will leave it in existence.  Subject to my ability to resist temptation...

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