Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Kudos to Cath News...

Never thought you'd hear me say that did you!

But after days of a flood of dissenting articles (my personal prize went to yesterday's feature on heretic Sr Joan Chittester's monastery launching a 'lay monasticism' movement open to anyone regardless of whether or not they subscribe to a 'faith community' and purporting to be Benedictine but in fact dumping the fundamental objective of the saint around getting people to heaven!), someone seems to have finally stepped in over at Cath News, Australia's quasi-official media service.

Not before time.

Today's selection of articles actually seems generally on the mark.  That is, more or less straight reporting of issues affecting the Church and reported in the mainstream media, together with a selection of opinion pieces and features that at a quick glance at any rate, seem actually orthodox.

That's not to suggest that Cath News is in anyway kowtowing to anyone - it quite properly picks up an article that contrasts Cardinal Pell's climate denial with the Vatican's position; includes a critical piece on Australia's asylum seeker policy; and reports on the differing views on Australia's child abuse guidelines for example.

But wonder of wonders, Cath Blog actually features a piece defending the concept of ecclesiastical authority and explaining how Church teaching acts as a corrective to individual conscience and inclinations that can be distorted by the effects of original sin.

Keep it up Cath News, may this not just be a one-off aberration!

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