Friday, 8 April 2011

Stop the beatification!

I should perhaps have blogged on this subject before, but my position remains (unusually!) undecided (even more so after being prompted on this subject over at acatholica.  Strange allies indeed...).

But the clock is ticking so for those concerned about the upcoming beatification of Pope John Paul II, here is an alert to an online petition you can sign on the subject if you wish.

I have previously pointed out that decisions to beatify someone are not infallible, but reflect judgments not only about personal holiness, but also about the value of their example to the wider Church.  The criteria for sainthood, it is true, are about personal holiness.  But the process of selecting who of the many possible saints go through the formal process, and the timing thereof, reflects broader considerations.

The Remnant offers an exposition of the reasons for concern.

However, it is one thing to disagree with a decision made by the Pope, another to petition to change it - is this an issue that is important enough to fight, or should we take the view that there are many blesseds in the church, and its a case of horses for courses for example?

A number of prominent Australians (including regular commenter here RJ as well as several ex pats) have signed up though, so I put it before you for your own judgment.

I guess the point is to wave a flag that might serve to slow down the canonisation process?

The petition is open until April 25 (I suspect US time), so if you wish to sign up, you can email your support for it via the Remnant link above.

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