Friday, 8 April 2011

So, we must always condemn, never debate, discuss?

There is an article by Sandro Magister up on Chiesa talking about how disappointed traditionalists are with Pope Benedict XVI.

His crimes?

Promoting dialogue and discussion with non-Catholics rather than condemning them, and failing to condemn Vatican II (as opposed to how it is interpreted).

And naturally other traddies are leaping on the bandwagon to express their agreement.

Get with the program

With all due respect to the eminent professors and others Magister quotes, and to those jumping on board, what a load of nonsense!

This is not a Pope however who has failed to teach!  Far from it.  He has set out correction after correction, clearly laid out key idea after key idea, setting out the Magisterium for all to see.

He has prodded, poked and shamed bishops around the world into action.

With Summorum Pontificum and the missal reform he has has laid the critical groundwork for liturgical recovery.

Is he a traditionalist? No.

Is there more to be done? Of course.  So yes, we'd all like to see more - more consistent bishop choices, some reform of the Vatican bureaucracy, and...yep, some sections of the actual words of Vatican II rejected, for example for the naive Pelagianism that the then Cardinal Ratzinger said they were.

It takes time...

But you can't undo fifty years of damage overnight.

You have to re-lay the foundations.

You have to work with what you have.

And really, why shouldn't we use all the weapons at our disposal, including persuasion?  

Why wouldn't you build progressively, including first trying to entrench the essential criterion of consistency with tradition as the test, and get people on board with at least what can be salvaged before you go any further?

Dialogue under Pope John Paul II and his immediate predecessors meant happy discussions for the sake of happy discussions.  And perhaps we needed a dose of that in order to break down the sectarianism that saw protestant and catholic kids throw stones at each other in my parents' generation.

Dialogue under Pope Benedict XVI though means something quite different - as he has repeatedly said, it is about the pursuit of truth.

If traditionalists can't see the difference, no wonder the movement is going no where fast.

Pray for the conversion of the rad trads!  And for the Pope.

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A Canberra Observer said...

Thanks for this incisive post.

I agree with you that there is an alter-church mentality in the traditionalIST movement.

There is a temptation to view adherance to the old Mass as the infallible sign that one is part of the 'remnant of faith'.

There is some schizophrenia here too - the untrustworthy 'modern' church is nevertheless relied upon for all manner of services, not the least of which is ordination of deacons and clergy destined to celebrate the liturgy in the EF.