Thursday, 28 April 2011

The royal wedding: bring on the Chasers!

Lord and Lady Nicholas Windsor and children:
a better future King for Australia?
picture from European Life Network

In a fit of political correctness the Palace has banned ABC comedy team The Chasers on the event from providing an alternative commentary in Australia.

Should just about guarantee a resurgence of republican feeling I reckon!

Our royals: a sorry spectacle

I have to admit that I hadn't really been planning to watch the wedding beyond maybe a few minutes of the Chasers (who I actually don't like that much, but still...).

Why, after all, should one be enthusiastic about the wedding of a couple who have been living in sin for several years into a family where the divorce rate is running at something like 80%+ and whose anti-catholic prejudice is blocking the repeal of legislation barring Catholics from marrying anyone in line to the throne?

Damian Thompson's piece, linked to above, reminds us that neither Prince Charles nor Princes William or Harry met the pope during his recent UK visit.

And consider the roll call of our Queen's children:
  • HRH Prince Charles, heir to the throne.  Divorced his first wife; married his long time mistress;
  • HRH Anne, The Princess Royal.  Now on her second marriage.  Her son's Canadian wife renounced her catholic faith so that he would not lose his place in the royal succession;
  • HRH Prince Andrew, divorced from Sarah Ferguson.  Recently in trouble for consorting with a convicted paedophile and accused of links with illegal arms dealing and corruption;
  • HRH Prince Edward - the only one of the Queen's children whose marriage (in 1999) remains intact.

Respect for our ruler

Now one can argue I suppose that as the heir to the throne but one of Australia as well as Britain, Prince William and his family nonetheless deserve our respect despite the continued serious scandals concerning most of them.

And Prince William does get some brownie points in my book for excluding the appalling Blairs from the festivities!

But what constitutes respect is, after all, to a large degree a cultural construct. 

The Australian take on respect is not always the same as British still-lipped solemnity. 

Indeed, taking the mickey is arguably the highest accolade of all, as shows like Keating the Musical and others of that genre have long attested.

So surely the Queen of Australia could be amused just this once...

A modest proposal

But given that the Queen doesn't seem to be prepared to indulge Australian culture, and that the Republican movement is going nowhere, here is my alternative proposal.

Dump the Queen.  Dump the Governor-General. 

Instead, let's recruit one of those nice British royals, such as pro-life advocate Lord Nicholas Windsor, who have been cut out of the line of succession for the crime of converting to catholicism or marrying a catholic, and bring them out to live here to be king or queen of Australia...


A Canberra Observer said...

hear! hear!

Kate said...

OK I have to confess I did actually watch (I didn't mean to, but kind of mesmerizing...).

A very bad start, as I turned on just as Elton John and 'husband' arrived!

But the Brits really do know how to put on a good show and do ceremonial (which is I guess why they have survived as a monarchy when others haven't)...and maybe I was imaginging it but I though Princess Kate looked a bit chagrined at the purpose of marriage being to channel those natural urges (did they get a bollocking from the bishop beforehand on living together?) and William looked suitably abashed at the parts on no divorce (mind you given the examples around him...).

Also have to say, if the Novus Ordo had used the language of the old Anglican prayer book, we'd all have found it a lot more palatable!

Long live King Nicolas though!