Saturday, 2 April 2011

Cath News' 'perspectives' - and what you should read instead!

Australia's catholic media monitoring service, Cath News, has recently introduced a weekend edition, put on Friday afternoon, intended to provide some more reflective pieces. 

 Predictably though, it comes with its usual selective spin and daily dose of heresy.

 So this week, I thought I'd provide a bit of a 'Cath Watch' service to save you time and angst.

 What may be of interest....

  • Christopher Hitchens mellowed but not converted.  Of all the strident atheists, Hitchens is probably the most interesting.  If you like that kind of thing!  An article from the excellent Catholic Herald.

  • A Hand of Peace: Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust highlights a documentary defending the record of Pope Pius XII in saving thousands of Jews.

  • Heresy and dissent watchlist...

    •  The Lessons of Philadelphia takes you to a National Catholic Reporter article on one of the latest chapters in the abuse scandal.  
    An important topic raising important questions. But the article itself seems more likely to confuse than enlighten.   Yes well, it is called the national fishwrap by some for a reason!  

    For some balance, read an article from the infinitely better, and actually orthodox, National Catholic Register, giving the US bishops' response to developments.
    • Benedict's Passion takes you to a review of the Pope's new book in America magazine by a professor of Jesuit-run Boston College. 
    It damns by faint praise - so if you like the secularized and pseudo-scientific approach to exegesis that is the modernist-rationalist mainstream, this is the review for you! 

    But if you actually want to see real Scriptural study return to the Church, try instead this post on the excellent Sacred Page blog run by three professors of Scripture and theology.  The post  highlights an article by Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles on the Pope's book, and praises it as the path to renewal in bible studies.  The blog author comments: "Would that all Catholic bishops would write to their faithful about the need to follow Benedict's example of Scripture study!"
    An important topic that needs good new expositions to counter some of the misconceptions that flourish, and help address the pastoral issues that often arise in such situations. 

    Unfortunately, the author's summary of his book seems to pump for the heretical answer on pretty much every possible count (it denies the efficacy of prayer, telling us for example to stop praying for rain in the face of drought and so forth, rejects the idea of redemptive suffering, punishment in this life, of the acquisition of merit in heaven, and much more). 

    Skip it.


    Robert said...

    Fr Leonard's book (complete with what appeared to be heresies) was being spruiked and quoted from yesterday, at great length, in the bulletin for Masses at Melbourne's Cathedral this weekend.

    Kate said...

    That is dissapointing to hear Robert.

    I haven't read the book itself, but the erroneous propositions (with the usual admixture of fairly doubtful ones) in the article by Fr Leonard on the Britisuh Jesuit site seemed pretty clearcut.

    Certainly clear enough to give any orthodox priest or bishop pause and call for a more detailed examination before promoting a new book of this kind!

    In the US we've seen this week the bishops publicly take a nun-theologian to task over erroneous propositions in her latest book. It would be nice to see our own bishops similarly exercize their duty to teach on these matters more often!