Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Canberra readers alert: change in Easter Sunday Mass time

**Canberra TLM attendees (or potential attendees!) should note that Mass at Garran on Sunday will be at 10.30am, not the usual 11.30 am.

Times for the Extraordinary Form Easter ceremonies at the Canberra St Michael the Archangel Community are advertised as being:

Thursday 21 April: 7pm Solemn Evening Mass (Garran)
Friday 22 April: 11am Stations of the Cross (Garran); 3pm Solemn Afternoon Liturgy (Garran)
Saturday 23 April: 8pm Vigil and Solemn Mass of Easter (Garran)
Sunday 24 April: 8:30am, low Mass (Campbell); 10:30am, Sung Mass, followed by blessed of Easter fare.

Alternatively, you could head for the Cathedral for the Ordinary Form:

Holy Thursday 7.30pm,
Good Friday Stations of the Cross Yarralumla 11am, ACCC 11am, liturgy cathedral 3pm,
Easter Vigil 7.30pm,
Sunday cathedral 8am, 11am and 5.30pm, Yarralumla 9.30am.

Other Mass times for the Archdiocese can be found here.

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