Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Are those books for real?

Cath News reports (again - I'm sure I'm not imagining seeing it there last week, although it seems to have dropped out of their archives as more than a few items have done of late?!?) on the find of those intriguing looking alleged early Christian books in Jordan.

There is good reason to be sceptical about the claimed find though: the experts are starting to come out and say they are almost certainly fakes.

For a good analysis of why the claims are problematic try this post from Todd Bolen of Bible Places Blog.  His summation is:

"In a nutshell, the problems with this discovery include the facts that (1) we don’t know who owns the artifacts; (2) we don’t know where they were found; (3) the artifacts were not excavated by archaeologists but stolen by thieves; (4) nearly all information about the discovery so far has come from a single source of dubious reliability; (5) claims have been made that this find is more significant than the Dead Sea Scrolls; (6) the source of information appears to be positioning himself for fame and fortune."

And now Oxford ancient history specialist Dr Peter Thonemann has come out and said they are bad fakes....

Oh well, they make pretty piccies.

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