Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Territories law override power: what was Gillard thinking?!

So strange things are happening in the Federal Parliament at the moment (ok, strange things are always happening there, but stranger than usual!).  On the plus side, this is temporarily at least, a good news story.  Sort of.

Stopping same sex 'marriage in the Territories

As all Australian readers will be aware, the Greens are desperately pushing for gay 'marriage' and euthanasia bills to be passed across the country.  And as part of this strategy they've been trying to repeal the laws that currently prevent such laws coming into effect in the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

This morning, the Australian reported that the Government, despite its stated opposition to same sex marriage, would support a Greens bill to remove restrictions on the territories' powers to make laws.

That was a pretty major change of heart by the Government, which had previously suggested that the euthanasia bill would be a conscience vote, and it would continue to oppose a change in the definition of marriage.

Ruddism at work?

Fortunately, there appears to be another backflip in progress on this - the Oz  now reports that the bill is now set to be flicked to a committee and stalled due to outrage on the part of Labor MPs that the issues was not discussed at either Cabinet or Caucus.  That's good news.

The fight however has a round or three to go yet.

But oh dear, shades of former PM Kevin Rudd in arbitrary decision-making that sells out key constituencies without consultation.

And really, what was Gillard thinking even from a purely politically expedient point of view - in the light of its campaign for a carbon tax, Labor really does not need to be seen appeasing the Greens on any more fronts at the moment.

Just when Labor was starting to look like a real government, it makes silly mistakes that blow it...Let's hope this becomes a wake up call.

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A Canberra Observer said...


I'm not so sure. Last year Gillard told us she wasn't philosophically opposed to euthanasia but she couldn't see how it could be done. I expect the same is true for 'gay' 'marriage'. She is a little pinko I think when it is all said and done.