Friday, 4 March 2011

'Survival of the nastiest': Fr Fleming on eugenics and euthanasia

Thanks to Fr Finigan for highlighting a talk that Fr John Fleming of Adelaide has just given to priests under the auspices of the SPUC in London.

It is a nice presentation on the history of the eugenic mentality (the quote in the title is a G K Chesterton special), and the threat it poses to human rights, not to mention the problems it poses for the pro-life movement. 

Particularly of interest to Australian readers are these statistics:
  • 19 – 25% Australians strongly disagree with abortion;
  • 85% think abortion for severe disabilities should be legal;
  •  67% think it is morally right;
  • 15% think eugenic abortions should not be permitted even for severe cases
You can access the full set of slides here.

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