Friday, 11 March 2011

So there is some good news on priests...

As I've argued previously, we probably need to double or triple or even more the number of seminarians and priest-recruits, even in the stronger dioceses (and of course there are yet to be any vocations in certain other dioceses!).

Still, it is nice to end the working week with some positive news.

Pray for seminarians and the newly ordained....

First, over in Perth, The Record reports that Archbishop Hickey has just ordained five new priests for the diocese.  That brings his total number of ordinations performed, I assume in part due to that non-diocesan seminary over there, to a very impressive 95.

Secondly, here in Canberra, Archbishop Coleridge's Lenten pastoral letter relates that the number of seminarians for this diocese is up to ten, which is strong growth and certainly looking like a much more healthy number, even if the diocese is apparently struggling to meet the costs of educating them!

And thirdly, we have a new blogger to expand the Australian debate, from a transitional deacon of the *(!)Ballarat diocese.  The Blog of a Country Deacon is looking like very promising reading indeed (but don't worry A Priest Down Under, I for one, and I'm sure many others, will continue to look forward to your excellent contributions)!

So please, do pray for all those men newly ordained, those studying for the priesthood, transitioning thereto, or actively ministering!

And since it is a Lenten Friday

Don't forget that today is a day of abstinence.  From Cardinal Pell's Lent message:

"The Fridays of Lent are days of required abstinence, meaning meat, and soups or gravies made of meat, are not permitted. Abstinence is required of those age 14 and older."

You might consider offering your prayers and abstinence today also especially for the support and conversion of those of our shepherds in trouble morally, theologically, spiritually, psychologically or all of the above.  And for assorted fellow travellers and 'useful idiots'.

I was meditating on Psalm 73 yesterday, and came across this particularly apposite commentary on it by some prescient words from Fr Pius Pasch:

"'The sanctuary defiled': The destruction of the temple was one of the saddest phases of Jewish history, and pre-figured both the death of Christ on the Cross, and in these latter days the destruction of our churches by the enemy within. In the midst of the Church's apparent destruction, its humiliation by enemies who pretend to be our shepherds, we cry out in our impatience that God will put a stop to this madness.  But we never lose our trust in God.  These verses remind us not to lose faith―God is our powerful Saviour." 

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Kate said...

Note: This comment refers to the story on Cath News today reachable by the last link in the post.

MJS Central West syas:

"I have tried to post this on Cathblog today but am sure it will not get posted, it is in response to the blog "rolling back Vatican 2". Pehaps you coulf post this..." :

Pope JP2 never wanted to roll back Vatican 2. He only wanted it to be true to its original idea as was written up in the documents. The so called "spirit" of Vatican 2 is used to justify any new idea that comes along, and is used like a sledgehammer on anyone who objects to these ideas to paint them as old fashioned, conservative or reactionary.
If vestments, fittings and beauty etc. in the celebration are merely superficial, why does it bother you so much? If we are there to celebrate the Mass you cannot have it both ways. You say the plain and ordinary must be better than the traditional regard to beauty and order, but if all this is superficial why does it matter? We as mere mortals have no right to domesticate the incarnation or to let it run wild and out of control as this must surely be the opposite of domesticate. All we can do is follow what was handed down from Jesus to St Peter and then to us today by the Popes.
As for the name calling you talk about, this is not right, but for how long were these same people bludgeoned with the "spirit" of Vatican 2 as they saw everything they were ever taught and loved about the church changed? And not changed because the documents/rules of Vatican 2 said so, but because some sections of the church hi-jacked this so called "spirit" to bring in whatever they liked without regard to the real Vatican 2 intent. And when these same people complained at the local level to their Priest`s and Bishop`s they were continually ignored and name called as reactionary, conservative or old fashioned. So what was the only mode of action left to them? They complained directly to Rome, these complaints did not start with the pontificate of JP2, it had already started with Pope Paul VI and made his last years on earth a living hell.
As for Fr Stephen Somerville, never heard of him or care what he has done. But what I do care about is the mis-use of the so called "spirit" of Vatican 2 to turn the Church, its teachings and the celebration of the Mass into a free for all with no regard to the rules, documents or intent of Vatican 2.

I have tried to post this on Cathblog today but am sure it will not get posted, it is in response to the blog "rolling back Vatican 2". Pehaps you coul post this if you wan`t on your response to this.