Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday is a legacy of days of a much stricter Lenten fast that excluded the use of all products derived from animals: a chance to use up any leftover eggs, milk, sugar and so forth before the great fast began, and enjoy one last moment of feasting before fasting!

These days few Roman rite catholics actually fast much in Lent, choosing to substitute some other penance during these penitential days (save of course for the two remaining days of compulsory fasting and abstinence, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday).

Surely a time for a rethink on this....

So it is good to try and remind ourselves of the cycles of feasting and fasting, so make pancakes today - in preparation for tomorrow's fast!

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PM said...

One of my favourite comic novels is Compton Mackenzie's delightful Whisky Galore, an affectionate portait (thinly disguised) of the Barra islands off the west coast of Scotland.

The denizens of the Catholic island, Little Todday, don't drink any less whisky during Lent, but drink twice as much in the weeks before because they know this season of fasting and abstinence is approaching. (And this 25 years before Vatican II, please note!)