Sunday, 6 March 2011

How to tackle the priest shortage - a guide to the debate

I've been running a series on the priest shortage of late, that has its roots in a broader debate going on within the Australian Church at the moment on appropriate strategies to address the situation.

I've accumulated quite a few posts on this subject, so here is something of a guide to them.

My latest series on addressing the priest shortage by focusing on evangelization
How can we create vibrant priest-led parishes?
Bishops and others advocating 'lay ministry and leadership' of parishes

A number of Australian bishops and assorted supporters have made statements or put out programs to restructure their dioceses with a greater emphasis on lay leadership:
Advocates of women 'priests'/return of married priests to ministry
Locals only need apply (or better none than...)
  • Adelaide;
  • and see also the post above on the Wilkinson report.

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