Friday, 18 March 2011

The Green Agenda: A message from (almost all of) the NSW bishops...

Only a week to go now, before the Keneally Labor State Government is finally put out of its misery.

So the focus for Catholics is now surely on the past voting behaviour of individual liberal (I say liberal, because few if any Labor MPs seem likely to get many votes if the polling is anything to go by!) candidates (ie getting rid of those who voted for same sex adoption and the like), and above all on trying to prevent the party of death, The Greens, from getting a stranglehold on the new Parliament.

Now normally I'm not too keen on bishops telling us how to vote or not to vote - enunciating principles is one thing, but generally it does come down to a judgment best left to the individual. 

But when it comes to the Greens, the issues are so clear cut that I think a strong statement is indeed warranted.  There are times when the policies of a political party are so opposed to morality - as was the case with the Nazi Party in Germany before the war for example (and yes, I do mean to imply that the Greens really are that bad), also condemned by the Church - that it is important to come out and say so in no uncertain terms.

So a party committed to pushing an agenda of euthanasia, abortion and other great moral evils really does need to be condemned.

Accordingly, ten of the NSW bishops have signed a strong message to their people, pointing out why a vote for the Greens is incompatible with the faith.

But disappointingly, not all of the NSW bishops have signed it.

The Sydney Morning Herald draws attention to two non-signatories, Bishop Michael McKenna of Bathurst, and Bishop David Walker of Broken Bay, David Walker.

But there is a notable third non-signatory not mentioned by the SMH, namely His Grace of Canberra-Goulburn, Archbishop Mark Coleridge, whose territory takes in some 35 parishes with a population of 70,000, and 88,000 sq kms of New South Wales according to the archdiocesan website...

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A Canberra Observer said...

Not before time.

This also got some comments on CathNews - many of them supporting the bishops for a change!

I hope the Greens get trashed at this election.