Monday, 28 March 2011

The end of the Greens?

Well we can only hope.

The New South Wales election result was, as predicted, a landslide to the Liberal-National Party (conservative) Coalition, and the new Premier, Barry O'Farrell has already been sworn in.

Greens do badly

Even better, the Greens picked up only 1.4% of the massive 16.5% swing against the former Labor Government, and it looks like they won't gain even one seat, despite needing only small swings to win two seats.   

And its starting to look like a trend, following a similar outcome in the Victorian State election a few months back. 

It certainly looks like the message is starting to get through that the Greens are not a sensible force for greater environmental responsibility, but rather a bunch of extremists with a radical pro-death agenda.

Catholics and the Greens

One in the eye for those who claimed that the bishops' statement on why not to vote for the Greens would be counter-productive you might have thought!

Yet curiously undaunted, the inimitable Michael Mullins (editor of Eureka Street and Cath News' blog) has an editorial on Eureka Street today talking about the state of enmity between the Church and the Greens. 

And what a curious distortion of reality it is.    Not once does he mention the issues of the Green's support for abortion, contraception gay 'marriage' and euthanasia.

Instead, he portrays it as a stoush that could be healed if only the Greens would be a bit more sympathetic to funding of Church schools.

But here is the thing.  School funding is certainly an issue.  But the extent to which the State should provide financial support to schools is one on which catholics can legitimately have different views I think - after all, Australia's first saint, St Mary McKillop refused to accept state funding for her schools! 

On abortion, euthanasia and gay marriage (Fr Frank Brennan's dissent notwithstanding) there is no legitimate debate whatsoever from a catholic perspective.

And that's why the bishop's statement on why not to vote Green did not, as Mullins claims, 'demonise' the Greens.  Rather, it did what bishops are supposed to do, and set out the Church's teaching on these issues for the benefit of believers.

Better still, it seems to have had some affect, lending its weight to others saying much the same thing.

Promoting dissent

Surely it really is time to do something to reign in these ageing liberals who continue to promote dissent.

Now that New South Wales does have a new Parliament and thus a chance for a new start, perhaps a good place to start would be a clear indication that action will be taken against Catholic politicians who vote for legislation that is morally evil.  Mr O'Farrell consistently voted for moral evil last term; now he is Premier he should be put on notice.

Oh, and please, please do something about Cath News and Eureka Street!

Lastly, one doesn't like to kick someone when they are down, but was I the only person who shuddered at ex-Premier Kristina Keneally's announcement that she would be devoting herself henceforth to the preparation of the children's liturgy for Easter!  Personally I would have thought a little soul searching, penance and perhaps some focused religious instruction in the areas of her erroneous views on women priestesses and some moral issues might be better ways of spending her time..


Fr Ronan Kilgannon said...

Dear Kate, you were not the only one distressed to see film of the late Premier speaking in a church (I presume at the end of Mass) and then announcing her role in preparing the Easter Liturgies for Children (whatever they are). Unless she is challenged by her parish priest she is not likely to repent of her publicly stated dissent from Catholic doctrinal, moral and disciplinary teaching. But then she insulted the Archbishop when he very kindly reminded her of her duty as a member of the Catholic Church.

A Canberra Observer said...

I also was aghast at Keneally's latest 'leadership role'.
(We'll see if CathNews publishes any comments to this effect).

The Cardinal should have excommunicated her. Bishops all over the world should have been excommunicating faux catholic politicians for decades.

As for Michael Mullins, his 'blog roundup' is starting to really peeve me - as contrary to CathNews normal approach this allows a very obvious expression of opinion and it almost always is either at odds with or highly (and sarcastically, though I don't suppose Christine Hogan applies the same rules for him) critical of anything that looks like what would be objectively Catholic.

Kate said...

I agree with you on Mullins' blogwatch columns Canberra Observer - having been forced to pay more attention to actually not distorting altogether what people say, he has resorted instead to using as much as possible quote wise that he happens to agree with and relegating the rest - even when it is actually refuting the quote cited by Mullins - to the most cursory of mentions! And the outright ridicule of some of his most recent posts is a disgrace.