Monday, 7 March 2011

Books for Lent

I mentioned in my practices for Lent series on my other blog the idea of reading a book right through for Lent.

Many people do do this, so I thought just post a reminder (not least to myself!) to decide in short order what you are going to read this year.


I know Catholics are reluctant to tackle Scripture, but really, they shouldn't be!

All that you need to aid you is a good, orthodox commentary.

So what books could you choose?

Well, the psalms are an excellent starting place, a wonderful summary of the whole of the rest of Scripture that repay constant meditation.  Personally I'm taking my meditation today from the Psalm 118 (119) that is said at Sext, namely verse 134, 'Redime me a calumniis hominum...' or 'Redeem me from the calumnies of men....'!

Alternatively, the most obviously appropriate book (aside of course from the Gospels which are always appropriate!) for the season of Lent is Exodus, which wonderfully foreshadows our own redemption from sin, with Moses as a type of Jesus; Eygpt symbolising the  world; pharaoh, satan; and so forth.

The spiritual classics

A lot of people seem to favour a reread of the spiritual classics at this time - works like The Imitation of Christ (Thomas a Kempis), The Devout Life (St Frances De Sales), The Practice of the Presence of God, St Ignatius, St Teresa and the like. 

But personally, I always like to tackle something I'm relatively  unfamiliar with at this time.

One possibility (if it arrives in time) is the Pope's new book....

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Anonymous said...

There are some other excellent titles to consider -

The Life of Christ by Fulton Sheen
(actually anything by Fulton Sheen might be worthwhile!)

Come be my light by Mother Teresa

The Sacred Passion by Luis de la Palma

The Life of Christ by Giuseppe Ricciotti

Passion of St. Therese by Guy Gaucher

Let Me Go to the Father's House: John Paul II's Strength in Weakness
Cardinal Dziwisz

My Life with Karol

So many excellent Catholic books to choose from!