Wednesday, 9 March 2011

****Updated - Australia's bishops on Lent...

The Bishops' Conference has put out a press release highlighting almsgiving through Caritas Australia, and some diocesan websites provide links to this and general Lenten reflection materials. 

And if you've just been hanging out to see and hear a variety of our bishops talking, you might also want to check out 'The Reflection'...the first one (on the temptation of Jesus according to the Gospel of Matthew), features Archbishop Hart (Melbourne), Bishop McKenna (Bathurst), Bishop Morris (Toowoomba) and Archbishop Coleridge (Canberra).

Here is a little roundup of what is on the websites of our biggest/metropolitan/more active dioceses so far (do alert me if you know of others):
  • Melbourne: a pastoral letter from Archbishop Hart encouraging prayer, fasting, almsgiving and confession;
  • Brisbane: pastoral message from Archbishop Bathersby focusing on seeking God and evangelising and re-evangelising; mentions fasting, almsgiving (including possility of to flood victims) and prayer;
  • Sydney: reflection on Lent from Cardinal Pell (with video).  Sets out fasting regulations and encourages to do more; suggests also prayer, Scripture reading, almsgiving;
  • Perth: Lent vodcast  urges prayer, penance (do more than required!) and almsgiving;
  • Parramatta: diocesan launch of Project Compassion almsgiving, and a pastoral message with a strong focus on confession (including extra time available in churches) can be read here;
  • Adelaide:-
  • Canberra-Goulburn: Pastoral letter from Archbishop Coleridge (you can also listen to him read it) - mainly about almsgiving and archdiocesan finances (the diocese needs your contributions...!);
  • Lismore: Pastoral Letter from Bishop Jarrett - Lent as a time for reflection and focus on personal salvation ('fill up and recharge') by remembering and reflecting on our baptism and making a good confession (links to Pope's message);
  • Hobart: -
  • **Port Pirie: Pastoral Letter from Bishop Kelly: suggests better to do more than give up something - prayer, read Scripture, give to Project Compassion for example.
None of these are listed on Cath News as of Ash Wednesday.


Dof said...

Thanks for these, Kate. Nothing from Canberra... +C must be busy trying to keep up with his apparently very busy auxiliary +PP :-S

Kate said...

Just a case of the webpage being updated a little late in the day I think.

Although, I have to admit that its focus on diocesan finances strikes a fairly odd note for Lent - things must be more dire than we had thought!