Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Please pray for Queensland and others (again/still) - this time it's a cyclone!**

**Update: Cyclone Yasi has been upgraded to a Category 5, the same level as the devastating Cyclone Katrina.  Around 30,000 people are relocating from coastal areas from Port Douglas to Townsville, with the Cairns CBD likely to be well and truly underwater.  High winds today are likely to make travel difficult to impossible in advance of the cyclone hitting the coast, expected this evening.

Australia's wild weather

Australia's weather continues to play havoc:
  • a monster cyclone is due to hit Queensland's North tomorrow, and poses severe risk of loss of life depending on just where it hits the coast. Certainly my sister in Cairns received a call warning to the effect that it could hit the centre of town, taking out power and telecommunications for some days (they are hopeful their new house will stand up to it - on a hill and a fair way removed from coast, so hopefully out of the way of tidal surges, but whether even the most protected room in their fairly sheltered and steel framed house will withstand the forecast 250 km winds remains to be seen...)**they are now evacuating entire hospitals (one of which my brother-in-law works in) to Brisbane!;
  • in Adelaide (where my elderly mother lives) there has been an extreme heatwave, with temperatures going over the Fahrenheit one hundred mark.  Fortunately it has fallen back to a more moderate forecast for today of 35/95!; and
  • here in Canberra we are getting warnings of likely flash flooding on Thursday, with a major downpour forecast.  Meanwhile today is extremely hot (already 35 and still climbing) and very very windy, so extreme fire danger, exacerbated by lots of grass growth due to a cool and wet summer now dried out by a couple of weeks of sun...
And of course, many in Victoria are still flooded out, while the mop up continues elsewhere.

So please do say a prayer or two....

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