Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Norbertine Canonesses: a new religious community is (formally) born

Some good news from the US - Zenit reports that a group of women have made their final profession as Norbertine (Praemonstratensian) canonesses, and been formally incorporated into the order.

The group started in 1997 as a public association of the faithful, has grown to twenty, with nine sisters now in final vows.  As such, they are the first house of Norbertine nuns based in an English speaking country (since Henry VIII's suppression of the monasteries!).   The group have been supported by the men's Norbertine monastery of St Michael's, California, and visited a number of European houses as part of their formation process.

The order - and the sisters - are very traditionally oriented, and the sisters live a cloistered life, devoted to prayer and manual labour.

You can read more about them and the order here. (they do seem to have their own website but the link is down at the moment).

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