Thursday, 17 February 2011

Music (hopefully not) for the Masses!

For those interested in contemporary music in the Mass: Fr Robert Galea of the diocese of Sandhurst has put out a new CD, “Reach Out”, which, according to the ACBC  'contains many beautiful modern songs for use in praise and worship'.  You can get a taste of his offerings here.

Now I admit that I have no taste for popular music whatsoever, so my reaction to the active promotion of this kind of stuff by the Australian Bishops Conference, rather than of the great patrimony of our Church, may be just a tad jaundiced.

But for those of a like mind, Catholic Phoenix also offers a piece today, entitled "Four Catholic Musical Diseases, and Their Cures".  The appropriate one in this case is, I think, St Haugen's Dance:

"Symptoms: This disease affects the aesthetic center of the brain, causing a predilection for the music of Haugen, Haas, et al. Its sufferers are sometimes propelled to the front of the church — occasionally even to the sanctuary — where they take up any available instruments and begin to undergo mild seizures (or “rocking out”), producing a music not unlike the work of Nickelback, only lacking that band’s signature freshness and originality. The disease also causes facial spasms that resemble either religious ecstasy or intense pain.

Cure: Six continuous hours of enforced Palestrina daily for a week."

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