Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Please pray for the people of Queensland*** updated

The Queensland floods continue to get worse and worse.

Toowoomba disaster

Yesterday an 'inland tsunami' swept through the town of Toowoomba and the surrounding Lockyer Valley, killing nine people, and with up to 59 more missing (as at Monday evening).  Most of the floods over the last month have been slow rising - not in Toowoomba where up to two metres of water swept through without warning.

The water  - an amount bigger than the entire Sydney Harbour - is headed towards Brisbane and Ipswich now.  And more than 700 people have been evacuated in Northern NSW due to flood waters.

The Brisbane River has broken its banks and is threatening to flood 80 suburbs in the State capital, as well as Ipswich.

And it is still raining.

What you can do...

Meanwhile there is a headline on the Australian Bishops Conference site saying that the Holy Father has directed the Pontifical Council Cor Unum to donate $50,000 to the flood appeal for emergency relief, via the St Vincent de Paul Society's appeal.  The Holy Father also "has wished to express his closeness to the victims and their families".

Your prayers are definitely needed, as well as practical charity....

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