Friday, 7 January 2011

Friday prayers...

As well as the priests list I've posted today, you might want to consider praying today especially for the persecuted, and those fighting it of all faiths.  It has been a shocking few weeks on that front.
  • In Pakistan, the (Muslim) Governor of the province where Christian Asia Bibi remains in jail charged with blasphemy, was assassinated by his bodyguard last week for supporting the repeal of the blasphemy laws.  And in case you thought it was the work of an isolated extremist, a group of 500 Islamic scholars came out in support of the assassination on the grounds that the Governor was himself guilty of blasphemy by virtue of his support of repeal of the law;
  • In Egypt, attacks on Coptic churches over Christmas and on New Year's eve (which killed 23) have been followed up by threats against Copts around the world on Islamic websites.  A prominent Muslim leader also condemned the Pope's call for a cessation to the violence;
  • Iran has arrested more than 60 Christian leaders since Christmas;
  • there is emerging evidence that the authorities are complicit in the attacks on Iraqi Christians, including those that occurred over Christmas;
  • there were also Christmas attacks on Christians in the Philippines and Nigeria.

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