Wednesday, 19 January 2011

For a good rant on the trouble with traditionalism and traditionalists...

So many of us love the traditional Mass. 

So many of us want orthodox theology seen through the lens of the tradition. 

But so many of us get put off by the inevitable problems that come with being part of what is still essentially a fringe movement.

"Fr Raven", of the Love the Tradition, Loathe the traddies blog rants, prompted by an experience relating to an upcoming conference:

"You see the sons of mediocrity within the traddie movement are always hiding around the corner ready to pull anything down that might might question their undoubted position as arbiters of what is just, right, and unfortunately good taste. I hold very little faith in good taste indeed, when it becomes the yard stick of orthodoxy, I smell a sacristy rat...

It's moments like these that I begin to understand why some quite reasonable clergy want nothing to do with traddies. They've discovered through bitter experience just how nasty people can be when mediocrity lays ownership to something which is not actually theirs and then somebody else comes along with a lace alb to spoil their Gothic party. Our little local problem is just symptomatic of the wider movement at the moment..."

Do go and read the whole thing.  And reflect on whether you are part of the problem, and how to become part of the solution....

Oh and say a prayer for Fr Raven and other priests who bear the brunt of dealing with the more difficult amongst us.  And for those priests who are the difficult amongst us!

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