Friday, 14 January 2011

First Ordinatariate priestly ordinations tomorrow

The three ex-Anglican bishops received into the Church on January 1 were ordained yesterday yesterday, and will be ordained priests tomorrow, in order to lead the process by which the remainder of the priests and faithful in the initial group join the Church. 

Exciting to have such a rapid process, I would suggest, reminiscent of early Church events such as the election of St Ambrose (a catechumen at the time) to the episcopacy!

The harsh reality though is that they face a difficult time ahead - their former colleagues have, in the spirit of ecumenism, already reacted fairly badly, telling them that they can no longer use their existing churches. 

Nor will everyone be happy at the rapid process, no doubt reacting in the less than enthusiastic way that St Jerome did (let's just say that the saint could give a number of modern ranters a run for their money!).

And the rapidity of the process aside, one can only suspect that many of their new confreres will be less than welcoming too, particularly given the strongly liberal flavour of the English bishops.

Yet for the rest of us, we should surely rejoice at this great movement toward Christian unity.

So I would like to suggest that offering your Friday abstinence for them as a good cause.

To read more on the coming Ordinariate, some good resources are:
One can only look forward to similar concrete news being made public in relation to the Traditional Anglican Communion in Australia...

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