Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Causes to pray for in 2011 continued...

On Sunday, I posted a list of five things to pray and work for for in 2011.  Here's the list restated a little:

1. That we might enjoy the joy of salvation and communicate it to others
2. For the recognition of the natural law as the vital underpinning of our society
3. For a renewed commitment to our duties of state of life
4. For vocations to the religious life and the priesthood
5. For Christian unity

Today I want to start 'operationalizing' that list.

Now of course many of the things encompassed by my list are worth praying and acting on all the time!  Still, traditionally, there are three days of the Christian week that have a more penitential flavour, namely Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Now advocating a return to a strict fasting on these days would be more than a tad over-optimistic, but I do want to invite my readers to join me in doing at least something extra on each of them (at least once we are past this current festive season), if only by way of a short prayer.

So here is my proposal:

On Wednesday offer an extra prayer for the success of the mission of the Church in showing forth her joy and bringing others to the truth.  For the restoration of good liturgy including the success of the new missal, for the building of strong parish communities, for vocations, and for the conversion of those outside the Church.

On Fridays offer our abstinence from meat for those in the Church - especially for the conversion and sanctification of priests, for the persecuted, for Christian family life.

I'll repost my 'priests to pray for list' to aid in this.

On Saturdays, say a prayer for the restoration of the moral order against the forces of secularism, and the combat of those causes afflicting our society such as the push for homosexual 'marriage', euthanasia and so forth.  And I'll try and offer a little catechetical reflection to aid these.

Perhaps for each of these there might be a particular focus each month, and I'd welcome suggestions on where to start.  But I'm thinking the push back on homosexual 'marriage' is probably the priority in Australia at the moment for Saturdays!

I'd be delighted if others (including other bloggers) wanted to take up this idea and join with me on this...

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