Friday, 14 January 2011

And while you are praying for Queenslanders...**updated

Please do keep praying for Queenslanders and other Australians affected by the floods - many Australians can and will offer practical aid, but few will also offer prayers (including for the dead), and personally I think the latter may well prove more important than the former!

And the worst is not over yet in many places, including Victoria and Tasmania.

But you might also, in solidarity, remember those in other countries affected by catastrophic floods:
  • in Brazil at least 356 have died following landslides (and this or worse could so easily have been Brisbane had the Wivenhoe Dam collapsed due to 'overtopping' as seemed possible at one point);
  • in Sri Lanka at least 23 are dead and one million people homeless following floods there.

Prayer vigil in Toowoomba

From xt3:

In the early morning of Friday 14 January, thousands of residents of Toowoomba and the surrounding area entered St Luke's Anglican Church for a Day of Prayer and Reflection organised by the city's Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and Uniting Churches. Whereever you are in the world, you can join in the day of reflection by praying the prayer below, provided by the Diocese of Toowoomba.

Prayer for Those Affected by the Floods

God of compassion,
You created a world for us
To know your love and peace
Yet amidst the beauty of creation
We encounter pain and hurt
And forces beyond our control.

At times like this our hearts are shaken and ache with sorrow
At the destruction of our lives, homes and livelihoods.
Hear our prayers for those affected by the floods
And for all those working
To bring relief and fresh hope.


Flood status update:
And as at 3.45pm Australian Eastern Summer Time on Friday:
  • In Queensland, the bodies of 50 people still missing in addition to the confirmed death poll of 15 may never be found according to authorities;
  • almost 2,000 people have been evacuated in Victoria;
  • In Brazil, the death toll now stands at 500.

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