Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The wash-up of the year politically: the relentless inroads of secularism

As the year grinds to its end, it is probably a good point to start trying to assess where things are politically, and what we can do about it.  Today, quick guide to some articles worth reading on the Greens and life and related issues.

The Greens challenge

On the plus side, the Greens' relentless pursuit of its aggressively secularist agenda (and loud condemnations of this by Cardinal Pell and Archbishop Hart in particular) rather than actual environmental issues seems to have it increasingly on the nose.  Consider for example this recent opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald by Paul Sheehan: Green by Name flaky by nature.

The decision of the Victorian Liberals not to preference them certainly seems to have been a key factor in their recent electoral victory.

And there seem at lest some positive signs in relation to the Labor's internal party debate, with increasing noises from party heavies in favour of rejecting a lurch to the hard left on issues like 'gay marriage'  and giving the Greens no quarter.  A long way to go on this one, however, as the Australian pointed out on the Weekend.

Pro-life successes?

And after a series of disastrous defeats such as the Victorian Abortion laws, there are some signs of turn around.  Euthanasia Bills have been defeated in SA and WA recently; and the Queensland Government has resisted the push to 'liberalise' its abortion laws.  There are credible claims around that pro-life campaigns were a significant factor in defeating a number of MPs in the recent Victorian elections.

But there are some big challenges still ahead, with the Federal and Tasmanian Euthanasia Bills to be voted on in 2011, and the former still getting more traction than it deserves because of its claim to be about 'Territory Rights' rather than euthanasia per se.

Defending marriage and the traditional family

The other big push is of course for gay 'marriage' (curious that this push for equal 'rights' doesn't extent to allowing polygamy - could it be that the lobbyists know it would cause people to baulk even more?).  If you are looking for some material to help you make the argument, try the Australian Family Association website.  It's the kind of material your parish bulletin  - and maybe the Australian Bishops website - should be pointing to and reproducing...

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