Monday, 6 December 2010

The symptoms of a disordered life...

From Sunday's Canberra Times:

"MORE than half of Canberra's lesbian and bisexual women surveyed report having been in an abusive relationship.

The AIDS Action Council of the ACT has issued the first snapshot of Canberra's lesbian and bisexual women's community, which examines topics ranging from group sex to child-care services. One of the study's authors, David Mills, said much of the research into gay sexual health focused on men...

More than half reported experiencing an abusive relationship, with most citing emotional abuse as the main form of aggression, followed by sexual and physical abuse.

Mr Mills said more research was needed.

''It's probably fair to say that domestic violence is under-reported in any case and in relationships that aren't the typical male-female relationships there may not be the support services required."

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