Monday, 20 December 2010

Michael Mullins: I am not the Curt Jester!

Oh dear, the blog features on Cath News again, but this time attributed to the Curt Jester.

I assume Mr Mullins misinterpreted the attribution of the Advent Wreath (a widget which was shared form the Jester's blog).  I doubt if the real Curt Jester (a much more popular and well known blog than mine!) will be too thrilled!

Mr Mullins can obviously barely bring himself to read what I've actually written because he gets almost everything about my blog and its content wrong.  Again.

In the hope that the fourth time may be lucky, for the record:

1. My pen name, as indicated on each post and in my profile to be found on the page, is Terra. 
2. I'm a woman. 
3. Where does it say my series on the collapse of religious life will be ten parts (the 'first half' reference was to content (ie external vs internal factors) not number of parts, of which there have actually been six so far, plus a few side pieces)?
4. I was not in fact criticising the financial contribution of the Adelaide Archdiocese to the video of young people saying Happy Christmas in assorted languages, rather I was criticising its selling line as 'celebrating our diversity', rather than celebrating the Incarnation.  All they have to do from my perspective is change the opening lines, in my view, in order to make it a winner.
5. And actually I'm in favour of Santa Claus too (yes I'm serious, all this PC correctness around old traditions is secularism at work, not Catholic purism)!

Please, Mr Mullins, make an effort to get it right, and stop verballing me.

**Well, he has fixed the worst errors I guess....

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Jeff Miller said...

I would sue for defamation.

But seriously, typical reporting from CathNews.