Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas is a time to celebrate...

Well I thought it was the Incarnation actually, the coming of the Saviour of the whole world.

But actually, apparently its our diversity...

Still, the idea of having other religious/ethnic groups wishing us happy Christmas as we celebrate - showing some respect for the religious rights and predominant traditions of this country - is a good one.

And I guess it does demonstrate the dimensions of the mission 'ad gentes' that I presume this is a prelude to Adelaide launching....

Thanks to XT3 for alerting me to this video, part funded by the Archdiocese of Adelaide:

In any case, certainly better than some of the other Christmas greetings Christians have received so far this year:
  • the grinch who banned Christmas decorations in Centrelink offices (fortunately overturned by the Minister);
  • the primary school that banned Christmas carols;
  • Iraqi authorities are warning jihadists are planning more Christmas attacks on the US and Europe;
  • Christmas shoppers attacked in Sweden;
  • a Christmas tree lighting ceremony attacked in the US;
  • and it goes on...
And for an American conservative take on the subject of diversity at the time of an actual Christian festival, this is a very over the top - yet... (warning: very American conservative, and rather culturally alien to Australians particularly towards the end!) from the Heidi Harris Show:

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