Monday, 6 December 2010

Cath News, the bishops and euthanasia...

If you read my post from Saturday on the ACBC plenary meeting (and if you haven't, please do, there were some important issues discussed at the meeting, and raised in my piece on it) you will have noted that I was somewhat critical of the failure of the bishops to agree on anything substantive in relation to the euthanasia debate. 

They talked about it, and noted that Archbishop Wilson made some comments to the Catholic Weekly during the Plenary Meeting, but that was the extent of it at least as far as the reporting of it went. 

Cath News and the spin doctors...

But the media release was padded out to look more substantive by quoting extracts from Archbishop Wilson's comments and recent pastoral letter. 

So Cath News today makes a major play on the subject, claiming that "The ongoing debate about voluntary euthanasia featured strongly among the issues discussed by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference at its Plenary meeting last month..." 

Really?  Well we know what Archbishop Wilson's views are, and that's all to the good. 

But what about the rest of the Conference members?  The media release reports neither collective agreement to condemn euthanasia nor agreement on any kind of strategy. 

Now I'm going to assume our bishops do actually all oppose euthanasia.  So why no joint press statement, no other action?  One can only speculate.

PS The proposed new date for St Mary McKillop's feast has been amended to August 8 rather December 8, so we can all relax a bit on that issue at least!

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