Monday, 15 November 2010

Why is the agenda of the 3% being foistered on the 97%?

Tonight the Parliament is debating yet another Green bill, this time on gay 'marriage'.

And the lead in to this was some classically distorted reporting of a survey in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age today on the subject.

The survey asked whether you thought homosexuality was immoral, and whether homosexuals should be able to adopt children.  Fairfax see the results as evidence of homophobia.  But as even pro-gay rights  bloggers have pointed out, neither of these questions provides evidence for anything of the sort.  A phobia is an irrational fear - yet these questions simply asked for views on the morality of an act, and a judgment on prudential grounds about who should be allowed to raise children not their own. 

The media have naturally focused in on the electorate by electorate break down of views on homosexuality.  Now admittedly these are certainly interesting, particularly given the bills in the Parliament, and attempts tby some in the Labor Party to use this issue in the desperate search for ways to stop the drift to the Greens.

But by far the more interesting result of the survey was how many people claimed to be homosexuals. 

The answer is 3%.

So, parliaments around Australia are spending huge amounts of time (and thus taxpayer money) debating positive discrimination for acts that a significant proportion of Australians believe are immoral.  For three percent of the population.

So here's a hint for Labor.  Homosexual 'marriage' is not a vote winner.  Not just because many people still (correctly) believe that homosexual acts are immoral (even after a survey lead in that clearly tried to lead them to a pro-homosexual mindset by talking about how gay 'marriage' is legal in other countries).  And not just because for many of those people, changing party platforms would be a vote changer.

But because there really isn't a significant constituency for homosexual perceived rights out there.

Apart of course from all those fellow travellers desperate to establish their credentials for any cause going.

And in the end, you'd pick up their votes anyway if you actually stood up to the lobby groups and really took action on the environment - on water, on a carbon tax.  Pretty much any real action actually.  Because you can't help suspecting that people voted Green last time because they actually wanted to see some action on (real) green issues. Time will tell if people vote for the Greens again now they see their real colours...assuming of course that Labor recovers its.


A Canberra Observer said...

And the real tragedy for me is that sections of the (institutional) Church have effectively supported this minor party to prominence (a prominent legal Jesuit springs to mind, and a Jesuit publication spring to mind) and the bishops, with a few exceptions have chosen NOT to teach their flock, or those not yet in the flock for that matter, what pernicious policies that minor party really has.

Now it will be a terrible job to get the genie back in the bottle.

Steve said...

Sadly, this sort of thing will come into law soon.
Society no longer treats marriage with respect (De Facto, live in boy/girl friends etc etc) so this is a natural course of events, really. Ironic that the Homosexual movement is fighting for something we should never have lost.

R J said...

I'd be surprised if the figure was even as high as 3%. Most of those whose professional life brings them into contact with homosexuals, and who are not stooges of the Gay Lobby, give a figure of only around 1%.

At any rate, the allegation spread 50 years ago by the sickening pervert Kinsey (we all know how he achieved his findings), that the homosexuality rate is as high as 10%, has been discredited for good and all. It's interesting that even the Bob Browns of this world have quietly retreated from the "10%" myth.

R J said...

Oh yes, and given the deference which the Melbourne archdiocese showed for decades towards the creep described in this link, it's hardly surprising that our bishops are for the most part still too scared to defy the Pillow-Biters' Politburo:

Terra said...

Great article, thanks for the link.

R J said...

Thank you, Terra, I'm much obliged.