Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Why Catholics worry....updates from the 'Catholic Taliban'

Why Catholics worry about the State of the Church:
  • Horrific child abuse claims being aired in court against a former priest in NSW.  The priest denies the allegations.  He is a former superior of the Vincentian order in Australia, but left it in 2004;
  • Voting is underway for the US mid-term elections at the moment, which have been rather more fraught than usual.  Attempts to encourage Catholics to vote in accordance with their faith have certainly been a feature this time around - but so too has the counter-lobby, including reports that the Presidents of three Jesuit Colleges made donations to anti-life candidates;
  • The diocese of Linz is in the news again, with reports that the new bishop (remember that the Pope's original conservative appointee was blackballed by his fellow priests and other Austrian bishops) 'concelebrated' with some women dressed up as priests.
And on countering secularism - for South Australians, there is an information meeting tonight at the Thomas More Centre at 7pm aimed at countering the bill in State Parliament.


A Canberra Observer said...

Why this particular Catholic worries, or was worried last night ...
I watched a documentary about the US approach to 'prisoner' 'interrogation' which bent all the rules and underlined the attitude of moral superiority adopted by the US.
It is extremely disturbing that at the one time George Bush Jnr was the pinup child for pro-life issues but also so clearly trampled on the principles on which his country's democracty was founded. US-good, all others bad.

Terra said...

Hmmm didn't see the documentary but completely unsurprised. Hardline 'conservatives', like liberals at the other extreme, seem weirdly unable to distinguish between what is legitimate criticism and debate, and what is disloyalty. They tend to be ends justifies the means types.

Which was kind of my point - the attack on bloggers as 'taliban catholics' and the like seems unable to recognise that there might actually be things wrong with the current state of the Church that are worthy of scrutiny...

Felix said...

George Bush Jnr was certainly the pinup child for pro-life issues

but my impression is that, while he talked the talk and showed up at rallies, his administration failed to actually cut back on US support for abortion

(and, as Governor of Texas, he was dismissive of due process in decisions on criminal justice)