Friday, 26 November 2010

Vigil for Life on November 27: Yes some more vigils...!?

Some good news folks, one more Vigil has crept in at the last minute, for Adelaide Cathedral (thanks to my Adelaide correspondent).

If there are any other last minute additions please do let me know and help spread the word at least a little!

Vigil details for November 27:

Adelaide: St Francis Xavier Cathedral, at 7pm with Hymns and a Scriptual Rosary with the Joyful Mysteries being prayed; led by Fr Marin.  For about 45 minutes duration.

St Laurence's Church, North Adelaide from 7pm until 12 midnight, including 7pm- Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament; Litany of the Most Holy Name of Jesus; 8pm- Act of Reparation; 9pm- Holy Rosary; Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; 10pm- Divine Mercy Chaplet; 11pm- Compline; 11:30pm- Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

Brisbane: - St Stephen's Cathedral, 4:30pm, Evening Prayer and the Rosary. Mass will be at 6pm, followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, which will conclude with Benediction at 8pm.

Nambour: Vigil will take the form of our evening Mass followed by Evening Prayer and Benediction.

And the Archbishop has put out a pastoral letter for Advent focusing on life issues.

Canberra-Goulburn: - Archbishop Coleridge will lead the Vigil for Life in St Christopher’s Cathedral, from 8pm until midnight;

Canberra Latin Mass community, Garran, 8am - 9am.

Parramatta: 7.30pm, St Patrick’s Cathedral. Bishop Fisher OP will lead Vespers, Sermons and Benediction followed by Adoration until 10pm.

Perth: Archbishop Hickey will celebrate the 6pm Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral in Victoria Square on the same date and continue the vigil for three hours more until 10pm

Rockhampton - Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish, Gladstone: Calliope and Star of the Sea, following the 6 PM Masses; St Peter Chanel, Tannum Sands, at 6 PM

Sydney - St Benedict's Broadway: 7pm, with Vespers, Exposition, rosary and Benediction.

Wagga Wagga - Our Lady of Fatima Church, 7-8pm.


R J said...

One can only hope that after this near-debacle the Holy Father realises the total impossibility of getting the average Australian bishop to do anything whatsoever, unless it involves (a) proclaiming "gay rights", (b) rattling the begging bowl on behalf of "social justice" (i.e. forcing the taxpayer to subsidise heretics and, frequently, sex-crims, not least within the school system), (c) yelping blue murder about the evils of "racism", (d) appeasing imams, or (e) all of the above.

The average lay Joe and Jodie Sixpack in the pews would doubtless support all of these policies, often enough combining them with others just as objectionable, such as an ignorant belief in contraception's absolute liceity; but he or she has at least the excuse of deficient or, in practical terms, nonexistent catechesis. What alibi can be invoked to excuse our bishops, some of whom can boast university qualifications in theology from Oxford and Rome?

A Canberra Observer said...

The Canberra Latin Mass vigil was moderately well attended, at least proportionally to the size of the community.

I only made it to the Cathedral at 10pm and at that time the numbers were thin. The vigil concluded with Benediction at 11pm. Perhaps someone else can report on numbers earlier where 1st Vespers of the 1st Sunday of Advent were sung.

Both were prayerful, reflective and fervent.

However, one might have hoped for a more rousing support of the Holy Father, and Archbishop Coleridge; and in the number of parochial vigils advertised (perhaps they were held but poorly advertised?).

If these vigils were even 20 years ago I think there response in terms of attendance would have been much greater.

One is left with the sense that a significant proportion of Australia's Catholics, clergy and laity alike, are at best indifferent to the importance of these issues or (what I suspect) in de facto apostasy from the Church's teaching on sexual morality (the whole gamit of pre-marital relations, contraception, abortion and homosexuality). Some are openly hostile to this teaching and to the person of the Holy Father.

R J said...

Glad to hear favourable news of the Canberra vigil. It's ages since I've been in Canberra, but all the Canberra Catholics whom I've met over the years - whether they've been lay people or members of holy orders - have been exceptionally (a) devout, (b) intelligent, (c) highly educated (not at all the same thing, necessarily, as [b]), (d) logical, and (e) activist in the best sense. In other words, I'm not sure that one can extrapolate between on the one hand the achievements of Canberra Catholicism, and on the other hand what frequently passes for Catholic life elsewhere in Australia.

Still, it sounds as if the Canberra vigil was a good deal better than nothing. And nothing was pretty much what we got in my neck of the woods.

Majella said...

Praise God the graces from prayers offered at the Vigils across the world made their way to Victoria where ten (and still counting) Labor politicians who voted in support of Premier Brumby's horrendous Abortion Law Reform Bill 2008 LOST THEIR SEATS !!

Abortion IS an election issue in 2010 thanks to the indefatigable Margaret Tighe and her loyal band of supporters.