Wednesday, 24 November 2010

SA Euthanasia Debate update **Updated 25/11

Today the South Australian Parliament is debating a Euthanasia Bill, and there have been a few useful interventions and articles on the subject you might read to aid your prayers on this subject:
  • SA Health Minister John Hill has weighed in to say that the bill is flawed (unfortunately he has a better idea...);
  • Tim Cannon  - South Australia risks turning doctors into agents of death;
  • Ethicist Professor Tonti-Filippini has labelled the legislation 'manifestly unsafe';
  • Archbishop Wilson of Adelaide put out a pastoral letter on euthanasia on November 11;
  • so too did Bishop O'Kelly of Port Pirie, back on 24 September.
A vote is expected this week.

**  The bill was defeated in the Upper House "on the voices", but may return amended next year...

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Schütz said...

Thanks for this update, Terra. We will keep South Australia in our prayers.