Monday, 22 November 2010

The right to life: preparation for the Vigil I

By the looks of it, most Australian Catholics will not have a chance to participate in the world-wide vigil for all nascent human life this Saturday, except in the privacy of their homes.

So I thought I'd put up a short piece each day that reflects on why this is such an important subject.

Reflections on why nascent human life is sacred....

And I think the best starting point is to reflect on the dignity of human life.  Psalm 8 provides a little mini-catechism on the distinction between humans and the rest of creation:

"What is man, that thou art mindful of him? or the son of man, that thou visitest him?

Thou hast made him a little less than the angels, thou hast crowned him with glory and honour"

In other words, God endows us with the gifts of free will and reason, creating us in his image in a way that is not true of other animals, over which man is granted dominion, with the duty of stewardship.

More, we are called not just to life in this world, but to eternal life.  Unlike the animals, we have immortal souls. 

These gifts - of being created by God in his likeness and image, and being called to a fullness of life that 'exceeds the dimensions of earthly existence' - are the first source of the sacredness of life, from its very beginning to its end.


A Canberra Observer said...

What this says is that there is a systemic, de facto schism in the 'Australian' church. Most of the clerical and religious personnel and institutions have gone over to the enemy in one way or another.

And they don't actually believe in what this Vigil is about.

Contraception and abortion are just, for them, realities of the modern condition and best not mentioned.

Terra said...

I tend to agree with your analysis Canberra Observer.

One only has to read Cath News and its forums on items like condoms and priestesses to see just how bad the problem is.

Here we have a semi-official site, part funded by the ACBC actively promoting dissent in a far more insidious way than Acatholica (which is at least open in its dissent!). A site with a forum but where the moderation does nothing to safeguard the Church's official teaching.

And how can lone individuals counter those who openly reject the idea of adherence to the teaching authority of the Magisterium when our priests and even many bishops don't seem to believe in the concept either?

Why should we be surprised that priests and people alike think that the criteria for what should happen is what their own gut feeling, which they claim to be the Holy Spirit but one suspects must be some other kind of spirit, when their shepherds act likewise?

All the more reason to pray hard I guess...