Wednesday, 3 November 2010

News updates...on the real Taliban (and friends)

When is a change in the law not a change in the law? 

When it is a 'tweak' to give more favourable tax treatment to Islamic-conforming financial products apparently. 

Liberal Senator Bernardi raised the alarm about an inquiry recommending changes to the tax treatment to encourage the Islamic banking industry in Australia.  The issue is not whether or not sharia-law products are allowed in Australia - they already are; but rather their tax treatment.   The Chairman of the Inquiry claimed the Senator was  'over-reacting', and no new laws were required - just changes to existing ones...

Updates on several recent attacks:
  • the death toll from the Baghdad attack on a Sunday Mass has risen to 58.  And more details of the horrific story have started to emerge, well worth a read;
  • in the UK, a young Muslim woman who attempted to kill an MP by stabbing him 'in revenge for the Iraqi war' is refusing to allow any defence to be offered as she does not recognise the authority of a non-Sharia court;
  • a group of 20 to 40 people living in Australia have possible connections to those responsible for the parcel bomb plot, and are of concern to authorities here...

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