Friday, 26 November 2010

Vigil for Nascent life: final list?

As you may know from my previous post, the Pope has called for Vigils for nascent human life to be held across the world by bishops, parishes and other communities in spiritual union with the Pope. 

The list of Vigils I have is below

Sadly, I haven't received any more details of Vigils that might be occurring in quite a few dioceses.  But if you can't make it to an official one, do say a rosary and other prayers on Saturday evening, especially if you are based in places that seem to be without an official vigil on Saturday 27 November, such as:

Armidale: -
Ballarat: -
Bathurst: -
Broken Bay: -
Broome: -
Bunbury: -
Cairns: -
Darwin: -
Geraldton: -
Hobart: -
Lismore: -
Maitland-Newcastle: -
Melbourne: (note one held 13 Nov)
Sale -
Port Pirie: -
Sandhurst -
Toowoomba -
Townsville -
Wilcannia-Forbes -
Wollongong -

Vigil details for November 27:

Adelaide: St Laurence's Church, North Adelaide from 7pm until 12 midnight.

Brisbane: - St Stephen's Cathedral, 4:30pm, Evening Prayer and the Rosary. Mass will be at 6pm, followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, which will conclude with Benediction at 8pm.
Nambour: Vigil will take the form of our evening Mass followed by Evening Prayer and Benediction

Canberra-Goulburn: - Archbishop Coleridge will lead the Vigil for Life in St Christopher’s Cathedral, from 8pm until midnight;

Canberra Latin Mass community, 8am Nov 27

Parramatta: 7.30pm, St Patrick’s Cathedral.  Bishop Fisher OP will lead Vespers, Sermons and Benediction followed by Adoration until 10pm.

Perth: Archbishop Hickey will celebrate the 6pm Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral in Victoria Square on the same date and continue the vigil for three hours more until 10pm

Rockhampton - Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish, Gladstone: Calliope and Star of the Sea, following the 6 PM Masses; St Peter Chanel, Tannum Sands, at 6 PM

Sydney - St Benedict's Broadway: 7pm, with Vespers, Exposition, rosary and Benediction.

Wagga Wagga - Our Lady of Fatima Church, 7-8pm.


Anonymous said...

Saint Ignatius' College, Riverview, NSW, (a Jesuit school) has a link to a vigil to be celebrated in Sydney -

[ I've been searching the web to find material which may be suitable for a vigil in our parish if the PP is interested]

A Canberra Observer said...

not on this post really Terra - you are famous - picked up by CathNews today.

There is something on the Canberra TLM blog but the actual activity is not clear ...

Majella said...

The Victorian State election is to be held Saturday November 27th !
Right to Life is campaigning in ten specific seats against Labor members who vigorously supported the Brumby Governments Abortion Law Reform Bill 2008.
This Act is the most horrendous abortion act in the entire world. It allows for abortion right up to birth. In Victoria babies that are being born alive from late term abortion have no protection by law and are dropped in buckets of formalin.
Please pray for Victoria.

Michele said...

Good for you! I am collecting a list for the U.S. I am also including parishes.

Terra said...

Glad to be in solidarity with your efforts Michelle. Hope you having more joy! And given the paucity of diocesan Vigils, I think I'll follow you with you and include parishes as well...

Anonymous said...

Could Majella tell us if right to Life is also campaigning against the Liberal-National memebrs (including the Leader of the Opposition) who voted for the abortion law? If not, why not? We have a hard enough fight on our hands without compromising it by indulging in partisan politcal hypocrisy.

A Canberra Observer said...

Canberra Cathedral now has posted its Vigil - 8pm to 12 midnight. A pretty good effort I would say.

Arabella said...

My parish is in a regional city within Ballarat diocese. On Sunday I asked the parish priest if we would be doing anything. He said he'd not heard anything about this before. The news of a vigil was a surprise to him. He said he might add a prayer for the unborn to the prayers of the faithful this Saturday.

The parish has lots of other activities planned for Advent including an early morning 'Advent Walk in Creation - Waiting for New Birth' event in December.

Beneditcus said...

Hello Terra,

There will be a vigil at St Laurence's Church, North Adelaide from 7pm until 12 midnight on Saturday. Many thanks to the Dominicans!

Cardinal Pole said...

All-day Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at Child Jesus and St. Joseph, Rockdale (S.S.P.X.), this Saturday; presumably other S.S.P.X. Houses will do likewise.

Steve said...

To Annon, November 17, 2010 9:10 PM.

RTL are campaigning against all Vic pollies who voted for that horrific legislation be they red, blue, green or country. Unlike the AFA/NCC/LifeVite mob (who's role is basically to get more money to pay their under enthused parish pastoral styled staff) RTL want a total repeal of the 08 ALRA instead of 'amendments'.

Majella said...

Yes, as Steve has stated, Right to Life is exposing all members of parliament who voted for the horrific Brumby government legislation of 2008 - see list here...

As well as this Right to Life has placed advertisements in the major papers in the state, alerting the voters of Victoria how their members voted in October 2008.

With all campaigns the limited funds have to be specifically targeted and with this campaign Right to Life have chosen ten seats where the member not only supported the legislation but worked vigorously for it and who may happens to be in a vulnerable political position.

Terra said...

Friends - Perhaps on that note we could leave the inter-group snipping until after the Victorian election.

At which point we could also perhaps discuss just why it is that none of the various groups seem to have really taken up the Pope's call for this upcoming Vigil in any active way, lobbied their bishops to have one, and promoted it.

I know many of these groups are at least nominally ecumenical, but there is no reason why these events can't be at least in part - non-Catholics could come along to attend Vespers for example, which is a feature of many of the Vigils...

Anonymous said...

Nothing appears to be happening in Tasmania (Hobart Archdiocese). The Archbishop's office claim to have never heard of the Vigil, and my local priest says he won't be doing anything as he hasn't received any notification from the Archbishop and is the only priest (when there are normally three)... and that it's too late to do anything now because the Archbishop is away at the Bishop's Conference. He has, however, agreed to mention something about nascent life in the prayers of the faithful - revolutionary in Tasmania where the focus is "social justice"!

Terra said...

Thanks for pursuing this Steve and telling the story, sad though it is!

I have been wondering if the reason that so few bishops are actually leading Vigils themselves (even where one is scheduled) is that they are staying on in ?Canberra (I assume that is where they are meeting but I may be wrong, everything about the event is so secret) for ACBC sub-group meetings next week. In which case, no doubt they will all join AB Coleridge at the Cathedral on Saturday....(?!)

Martin said...

Our Lady of Fatima Church Wagga Wagga 7-8pm. Fr Murray is one of the good ones.