Friday, 19 November 2010

I'm a loyal catholic - albeit a heretic. Go ahead, dismiss me...

Yep, it's happening in Melbourne.

Here's the story according to the The Age

A priest gave a sermon a couple of months ago.  It was clearly erroneous in its assertions (about the possibility and desirability of women's ordination and criticism of the Church for its refusal to allow this). 

The priest clearly knew he was in error - because to save his parishioners the angst of reporting him, he told them we would send a copy of his sermon to Archbishop Hart.  And he did.

The Archbishop and his assistant bishop met with him several times and counselled him to desist or face dismissal.

He has persisted.

Oh dear.  Here are a few clues Fr Reynolds.  There is no such thing as 'loyal dissent' when it comes to the official teachings of the Church.  There are areas where theological debate is permissible - and areas where it isn't.  You are either a loyal catholic - or not a catholic at all.  And in the later case, attempting to lead your people into error, or reinforce the errors they already hold is a serious crime indeed.

So friends, please pray for Fr Reynolds to repent and accept the teaching of the Church.  And for Archbishop Hart.

An episcopal backbone award may be coming up...


R J said...

Meanwhile, talking of dissidents, here's some news from the other side of the theological spectrum. The SSPX - not, it must be said, before time - is promising to take firm action against its own maniacal dissident-in-chief, Bishop Williamson.

It could, of course, have saved itself a great deal of trouble (and saved Latin Mass Catholics, whether or not they attend SSPX Masses, a great deal of grief) by doing such a thing before 2009. After all, Bishop Williamson's wingnut Jew-baiting was a source of embarrassment at least a decade back to any Latin Mass devotee who had an IQ of more than about 35 and had a capacity to clean his teeth more than about once every six months.

Still, disciplinary action against him is better late than never:

A Canberra Observer said...

And CathNews is now allowing commentary, mostly pro-womens' ordination (surprise, surprise Gomer Pyle), to run right through the weekend on this. Including from Fr Reynolds himself.

So, CathNews, the 'newswire only' service [that DOESN'T choose stroeis from the LEFT as a preference ..., or so the comment moderator and the secretary to the Bishop's conference would have me believe] and with funding from the ACBC, is serving as a vehicle for the promulgation of dissent.

Go figure.