Monday, 22 November 2010

Cath News oh Cathnews...

A commenter on the weekend bemoaned Cath News' promotion of a dissenting Melbourne priest's views on women 'priests' (supported by several religious and numerous laity), with several posts from him in response to the news item on his disobedience and dissent running unchallenged over the weekend.

And today Cath News strikes again on the Pope's condom comments.

The increasingly useful 'xt3' website (if you haven't signed up, do so - its the best prospect for an alternative to Cath News we have in this country) is twittering the Vatican's clarification of the story:

"Despite media claims of a revolutionary change, Pope Benedict is not altering Catholic teaching on condom use or justifying the disordered use of sexuality, Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi has explained.

In a Nov. 21 statement from Vatican Radio, Fr. Lombardi discussed the Pope’s comments in Peter Seewald’s forthcoming book “Light of the World: the Pope, the Church and the Signs of the Times.” In these comments “the Pope is not reforming or changing the teaching of the Church but he reaffirms it, putting it in the perspective of the value and dignity of human sexuality as an expression of love and responsibility,” the spokesman said."

Cath News however, is perpetuating the misreporting of the story under a headline "Opinion - Pope's condom decision a leap forward" - as well as a news item under the heading "Pope says condom use to stop HIV is ok".

So why not add a third item, viz the clarification story?

But of course that would undermine its liberal agenda.  Just what is the purpose of Cath News again?  Because all I can see is promoting dissent and disobedience.

**Update: And they've done a sweep of the international blogs too.  But the slant of the commentary, predictably, is pretty evident from the first line: "On the Pope’s widely reported comments allowing condom use for AIDS prevention [you mean widely misreported...], many bloggers are annoyed by the manner of its reporting in the media..."  The crux of the piece is liberal John Allen's take that a new direction in Church teaching is indeed being opened up...

***Cardinal Pell and Bishop Fisher have put out clarifying statements saying no change in policy as well.  Still nothing on Cath News though....


Anonymous said...

Amen to that.

It would appear that Christine Hogan - the "Moderator" of Cath News is little more than a "censor" geared towards the promotion of leftwing radicalism. Absolutely any reason is used not to publish comments from anyone with a conservative or orthodox opinion. For example, if you comment from a mobile device and accidentally leave out your suburb, or phone number, you will receive an email asking for the missing info. However, when one replies and provides the missing information by email, Christine Hogan (the moderator in question) NEVER publishes the comment.

Again, beware if your word count is even a couple of words over the limit (250 words). Never mind that leftwing rants and home-spun philosophies can at times reach up to 300-400 words (verified using word count in Word). See for yourself...

By the way, there is absolutely little or no moderation on Cathnews comments, only censorship. Never mind if Left-wing extremists completely and utterly depart from the relevance of the topic at hand in order to push their agenda, they will be rewarded with publication of their comments. No so if your comments are faithful to the church's teachings.

In the name of appearing fair, she may, every now and then, allow a "token" conservative view through only to give it little or no right of reply in order to be demolished by the local left-wing mafioso. Probably to show how "silly" traditional Catholics are.

I've chosen to remain anonymous on the off-chance that Christine reads your blog and decides to permanently find a problem with my posts :)

Terra said...

Anon -

1. You can remain anonymous, just give yourself a pseudonym in future so we can distinguish you from other anons!

2. Your experiences seem entirely consistent with my own - (and yes I've down the count up the words thing too!). I gave up even bothering to try posting on Cath News long ago.

3. And yes, I'm pretty sure they read this blog over at CN...