Thursday, 18 November 2010

Are you a 'gay marriage dinosaur'? Vote yes!

Apparently the motion asking MPs to canvass their electorates on homosexual 'marriage' passed - by one vote.

And the campaign to vilify those who disagree with this tiny but vocal lobby group (aided and abbetted by their latte-set collaborators) for immorality has already started - so please do go to the Sydney Morning Herald website and vote to register your opposition.

Because let's be clear - there is no absolute 'right' to get married.  There are certain basic criteria that need to be satisfied before a marriage can occur.  One of them being that the couple concerned consist of a male and a female respectively.

I do have to say I see a certainly irony in the SMH's headline courtesy of  ex-pat actress Portia di Rossi (partner of Ellen deGeneres) that opponents of gay marriage are dinosaurs who should 'evolve or die'.  Because gay adoptions and IVF not withstanding, its pretty clear which side evolution favours, and its not the gay lobby...

***Update: Oh and it gets better!  Ms di Rossi has been accused of sexism by Sunrise Show Host David Koch because she refused to be interviewed him on the grounds that he was a man....So, human rights only for lesbian women?

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