Friday, 5 November 2010

And now Eureka Street promotes syncretism...

In the Old Testament, the prophets frequently condemn syncretism, the attempt to blend Judaism with other religions, in the strongest terms.

So why is the Jesuit publication Eureka Street promoting the views of ex-Catholic Tom Calma, former Race Discrimination Commissioner, who advocates a 'hybrid' of Christianity and Aboriginal spirituality including attention to ancestral spirits and the like?

Along with some particularly silly comments about how Indigenous people have the lowest carbon footprint in the world and thus have lessons to teach the rest of us.  So are you interested in going bush and living a stone age culture?

Personally, I think the cause would be advanced rather more by a focus on a genuine inculturation of Gospel and positive Western values into Aboriginal culture, and focusing on issues such as the disastrous impact of the NT's abolition of bilingual education on school attendance rates...

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Matthias said...

I gave up my subscription to Eureka Street because i thought it was no longer a Christian based paper.
as for the Aboriginal people being some part of a Golden past ,lets's remember that euthanasia and infanticide were common practices amongst them; the fear of the kadaitja man "man or spirit with special powers to make himself invisible who wears emu-feather foot covering to dissimulate tracks, who travels with harmful intentions." is still prevalent in those aboriginal communities that have no Christian witness. so for all of his good intentions Tom Calma is actually paving the road to hell