Friday, 15 October 2010

The Vatican bureaucracy: getting one's act together

Now it's true that the primary purpose of the Church is not PR.

But equally, getting one's message out is surely vaguely important.

Fr Z drew attention to the fact that the new Motu Proprio released by the Pope on the establishment of the Pontifical Council  for Promoting the New Evangelization remains available in Latin and Italian only. 

Now he reveals that the Pontifical Council charged with studying modern means of communication does not even have an internet connection...

This is beyond a joke.

Although perhaps all this, combined with the appointment of Archbishop Fisichella, not exactly renowned for his success in the defence of life in his previous position, is a statement of another kind about the importance the Pope accords to the idea of the New Evangelization.

The translation problem

But seriously, I do find the Vatican's apparent language problem rather frustrating. 

The English version of the Pope's General Audiences, for example, can take anything from a week to ten days to appear in a full text version (rather than just two para summary), typically long after the full text version in such vital international languages as Croatian.

Take this week's audience on Blessed Angela of Foligno for example, given on 13 October in Italian.  The full text versions are now available in Italian and Croatian.

But if you want it in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese or German you are out of luck.

And they never appear at all in the Church's official language of Latin...


Anonymous said...

The weekly Papal Audience address always appears in the Zenit news bulletin the following day, and Zenit also publishes translations of other key statements. The address on Bl Angela of Foligno appeared in full in Zenit of 14th October.

Terra said...

Yes that's true anon, but that is not the official version of the text.

And the Zenit translations are copyright, so in theory I can't reproduce them in full on my blog...