Thursday, 28 October 2010

Secularist attacks....

Organising and acting politically has never been more important for Catholics at the moment. 

Please consider what you can do, starting with prayer, but also including practical action depending on where you live, in relation to the following:
  • the Territories Euthanasia will be debated in the Federal parliament today, and Greens leader Senator Bob Brown claims it has a good chance of getting up because of its Territory democracy rights pitch;
  • the NSW Parliament is currently debating legislation to legalise surrogacy.  Yet another case of children being treated as a commodity to which parents are 'entitled', and using immoral means to achieve their desires;
  • in next month's Victorian State election, pundits are claiming the anti-life Greens look set to make big gains;
  • the Tasmanian Labor-Green Coalition Government has released a discussion paper on a Human Rights bill (Charter of Rights and Responsibilities, and is currently undertaking consultations on it (thanks to Felix for the tip).  The press release sees it as stage 1 of a program including euthanasia and surrogacy legislation... 
And on the more positive side, The 40 Days for Life Campaign is drawing to a close, but with many of its Adelaide supporters off to the annual Christus Rex pilgrimage, more volunteers are needed at the moment, so if you live there and have some time...

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