Sunday, 17 October 2010

OK so I'm live blogging the canonisation ceremony...

The preliminary entertainment was pretty excruciating - long readings from her works read by 'sisters' of St Joseph and pointless reportage on the crowds.  But most painful were the assertions about solidarity with the suffering, and commitment to 'justice' from assorted sisters.

Have to say that the postulator for St Mary's cause looked pretty silly in her suit clutching her scarf standing with all the other postulators - all in actual religious habits or clerical dress.

Odd that the saints lives were read in Italian rather than Latin or the languages of the various saints...

A nice litany of the saints in Latin (probably the first time many of the pilgrims have ever heard it sung in that language?).  And the Pope has just pronounced them officially saints.

**The sister postulator couldn't bring herself to kiss the ring of the Holy Father.  What a surprise. 

And looked like he was making her explain the scarf thing...

***And now mass proper has started with the Holy Father intoning the Gloria (in Latin), a polyphonic setting.

****The ABC 24 coverage seems to be the better of the livestreaming options - less inane chatter from 'commentators' and more focus on the actual celebrations than the canonisation official site version.

*****First reading from one of the sisters, Sr Anne Derwent congregation leader.  Veils are prettier than hair dye or grey ladies...

******Oh dear.  The responsorial psalm in the vernacular (any vernacular) really does not work.

*******Second reading in French - Canadian accent obvious but nice and slow and carefully suppressed as much as possible so you can actually understand it (must have had to search hard to find someone who could do it...sorry, I lived in Canada for two years and although my french aural comprehension is pretty good it took me months to get my ear around the local versions).

+ Now Gospel in Latin and Greek...

++Hmm, I take it back about ABC 24 being the better coverage - apparently Greek is boring and time to start chatting.  Flicking back to the other channel for that nice Eastern style chant.

+++Holy Father talking now.  Love the backdrop with his revamped coat of arms reclaiming the papal tiara....who would have thought that would be back!

++++Back to ABC 24 who fortunately have a translator (Italian is not one my languages) for the sermon.

++++Switching languages to talk about each of the saints in their native tongue.  Cool.

++++Our saints done so ABC 24 has lost interest and commenting instead on that rather odd relic offered up (a bit of fencepost) Lots of inappropriate cheering at local events around the country and Penola celebrations.

+++++Apparently the Creed is irrelevant to viewers too, on both channels...some nice shots of our not particularly photogenic bishops though.

?Were those actual sisters of St Joseph in habits (plus brown scarf?) - a few hold-outs?  No, I think its the order of one of the other newly proclaimed saints.

??What's going on - the ABC commentator is actually lauding the Pope, criticising media coverage (including ABC) false claims about St Mary and child abuse.  Offertory procession in the background.

???Offertory procession sister (and if she's one of the youngest in the Order as claimed they surely have no one below 50) managed to kiss the Holy Father's ring.  Well done!

????Some of the Sisters receiving kneeling and on the tongue!  Maybe they will come back to Australia converted to tradition...\

!The ABC have swapped out to sport now that communion is over...

!!Oops, now the remaining webcast has frozen, technical difficulties...stand by message.

!!!Back spluttering in time for the Ite missa est...oh well.


Proud of Mary said...

Skynews and APAC channel coverage was excellent and the Mass is now being repeated on APAC.

Did you really expect the remaining Josephites to hurridly go out and make habits for the occasion ? The one good thing about the remaining Josephites is their ages.
The way Tradition is cropping up everywhere a courageous young woman will one day re-establish the Sisters of St. Joseph in full habit - it is only a matter of time now that they have a saint to guide them !
St. Mary of the Cross - Ora pro nobis

ray said...

Well, the fact the postulator didn't kiss the ring of the Pope was unfortunate, but please lets give her the benefit of the doubt - she may have simply forgot with over 50,000 people watching, TV cameras from around the world, and meeting the Holy Father as well! It would be very easy for anyone to be overawed and slip up in those circumstances.

As for her attire - that's just typical traddie mentality - a wonderful and historic event with six Beati being canonized, and you can't resist whining that the order don't wear their original brown habit - the Church's tradition is dynamic (as the Pope has repeatedly affirmed), not static. It suits the Josephites to adopt this dress for their charism, and that decision should be respected rather than criticised on the sidelines. It doesn't effect in the slightest the good works they do for their faith and the community.

Terra said...

Ray - You may be right about the kissing the ring thing, but there is every reason to doubt it. It is the first thing you are supposed to do for a starter, and surely the thing you get yourself ready for. And it is a liberal point of honour not to kiss bishop's rings, and you can't get much more liberal than the modern day remnants of the Josephites.

As for a habit, no its not just a traddie whinge - canon law requires that religious wear a habit of some sort, and I really don't think a scarf counts. I'm not insisting they wear the original habit, just a habit!

As for their works for the faith and the community - the order certainly has a proud history. Whether it is being upheld in what most of the sisters are devoting their efforts today is a much more debatable proposition.

Anonymous said...

And then there's that hardy perennial: why is the Sistine Chapel choir so bad? The litany was fine, but they murdered the introit and Gloria -I couldn't bear to listen any more.

rashid1891 said...

As for a habit, no its not just a traddie whinge - canon law requires that religious wear a habit of some sort, and I really don't think a scarf counts. I'm not insisting they wear the original habit, just a habit!