Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the greatest of us all?

The unedifying attempts of various former Australian Prime Minsters (and their mistresses in the case of Hawke) to stake their claim on history is surely one of the worst manifestations of the narcissism inherent in our culture going.

During the election campaign we were treated to Blanche D'Alpuget's character assassination of Mr Hawke's wife Hazel, and the attempt of Hawke (and Howard) to claim credit for the reforms driven by Paul Keating.

Now Mr Howard joins the party.  You have to give him points for resilience I guess - being only the second Prime Minister in Australian history to lose his own seat would slow down most of us.

But just as the Hawke-Keating confrontation didn't exactly aid Labor during the campaign, neither can the current Howard-Costello stoush be exactly aiding Mr Abbott.

Old discredited politicians, it seems, never die, they just produce books.

I imagine a more than a few current pollies must be wishing they could join the Q&A audience member who took off his shoes and took aim, if the chance arose...

**PS Now Former Liberal PM Malcolm Fraser has joined the fray, taking a swipe at Mr Howard for failure to make key infrastructure and education investments during a time of prosperity....

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