Friday, 29 October 2010

Friday prayers...

  • An Australian Muslim leader clams that our troops in Afghanistan are the terrorists;
  • On the failure of 'moderate' Islam to accept that  is a two way street, requiring some reciprocity, useful piece by Janet Albrechtsen;
  • Vatican sensitivities on speaking up on Islam: see this Rorate Caeli piece on Observatore Romano's reporting of the speech of one of the bishops at the Middle East Synod;
  • Mind you, the Synod managed to antagonise all sides of the fence: consider Israel's outraged reaction to having it pointed out to Christian perspectives on the nature of  Israel in Scripture,  and calling for recognition of all three religions' rights interests in Jerusalem.
Meanwhile the American Visitation of Religious has turned up an extraordinary statistic: in the US there are more nuns over the age of 90 than under 60!  Please pray for vocations...

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