Friday, 15 October 2010

Eureka Street and dissent: the case of Kristina Keneally

Promotion of erroneous ideas about the faith must surely be one of the worst of all crimes, because it leads to the death of souls.

And Eureka Street's article today by Tony Hill must surely warrant a serious rebuke from Cardinal Pell or other suitable authority for its essay today claiming that NSW Premier Kristina Keneally is a wonderful example of a 'rational Catholic conscience'.

Because let's be clear.  Ms Keneally is a catholic in the sense that Luther was - they were brought up as such and were both educated in theology (Ms Keneally holds a Masters in theology I believe).  But in both cases, any coincidence between their views on key theological issues and the teachings of the Church are now purely coincidental.

Ms Keneally's erroneous views

The Eureka Street article lauds Ms Keneally's support for the ordination of women, and her vote in favour of same-sex adoption in the NSW Parliament as 'courageous', contrasting her strong stand with that of the two Federal leaders, Gillard and Abbott.  They are, it claims, examples of "a growingly assertive Catholicism which might be described as progressive, rational and independent."  But probably better described as just attachment to outright heresy...

The saddest thing about this article is that it is a puff piece attempting to counter claims that Ms Keneally is a puppet of the ALP right-wing machine with her strong stands on issues of 'conscience':

"...Keneally has not compromised her religious faith. Rather, she has taken positions that will inspire several categories of people. Many Catholics feel proud when the hierarchy opposes war or sides uncompromisingly with the poor, but quite contrasting emotions when it is socially conservative.

Keneally's intelligent approach to her faith creates hope among the many Catholics searching for new ways to maintain their own faith in a conservative Church. It should convince Labor supporters that with dedicated leadership, the party can put principle before pragmatism."

Defending the indefensible

Oh yes.  And just how many Ministers has the NSW government lost to claims of corruption, incompetence or other malfeasance? 

That would four this year alone. 

Plus the odd MP or two. 

Not to mention the stream of MPs who have announced they will not be standing again at the upcoming state election because they are sick of factional fighting and government inaction....

And on Eureka Street

 Eureka Street does not claim to be Catholic as such.  Rather it suggests it by association: "The publication is informed by a catholic moral perspective and its world view is influenced by the outward-looking social mission of the Australian Jesuits."
Not much evidence of a 'catholic moral perspective' in this or many other of its articles.  The time has surely come for Eureka Street to be reigned in, and for Ms Keneally to be formally warned by her bishop about what it means to be a catholic, and denied communion until she conforms.

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